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how to setup GPMI NAND timing

Question asked by Cheng Shi on Aug 27, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2012 by Shijie Huang

Hi, all


In Linux gpmi nand driver for imx28evk, I can not find the code to setup timing parameters into hardware registers. For example, in gpmi-nfc-hal-v1.c, the funtion set_timing(...) doesn't really write nfc's hardware registers, the function is as follows: 


* set_timing() - Configures the NFC timing.
* @this: Per-device data.
* @timing: The timing of interest.
static int set_timing(struct gpmi_nfc_data *this,
const struct gpmi_nfc_timing *timing)
struct nfc_hal *nfc = this->nfc;

/* Accept the new timing. */

nfc->timing = *timing;

/* Return success. */

return 0;



Some helps are needed for me to figure this problem out. Thanks very much.




Cheng Shi