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Re: Beacon Tree Mode - PART 2

Discussion created by Leo Rossi on Jun 20, 2007
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Why SO is different from BO? Maybe with SO = 6 = BO you can see better what happens?

I am working on the same topic.

I actually associate a Coordinator to a PAN Coordinator.
Then, the Coordinator starts beaconing.
But in my case the Coordinator sends beacons exactly when also the
PAN Coordinator does.
So, it is like the StartTime parameter is discarded.

Here is the problem: the Standard doesn't say much about the StartTime parameter.
It is a 24-bit integer, it says.

In the Freescale MAC, it is mapped as gMPibTreemodeStartTime_c.
But what is its internal representation? Little endian or Big endian? 24 bits or more?
There are some formulas to estimate this parameter in 802154MWAUG.pdf p.66.

Let's suppose it is little endian and exactly 24 bits.
So we can build an array of 3 bytes and send it as a StartTime parameter.

However, have problems already at the request of starting beacons. So i put a
while(/*it doesnt work*/){/*retry with another value of StartTime*/}
to avoid this, and I found some values that works. But then beacons are exacly
over PAN Coordinator's beacons.

(PS: ragazzi, ma qua siamo tutti italiani?)

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