Nilson Magro

FEC is not working on custom board.

Discussion created by Nilson Magro on Jun 20, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2007 by Alexandre Kremer
Im using the 112 pins 52235 on custom board, and im trying to run the Coldfire_Lite_FTP_server on it, but in mcf5223_ePHY_init()  the FEC an EPHY registers are different compared to M52233DEMO board.
The program hangs at (void)fec_mii_read(0, 0, &reg0); in mcf5223_ePHY_init() cause it gets a timeout for MII interrupt.
Could someone please tell me if theres a difference between the 80 and 112 pins cpus? Why the software does not work if they are supposed to be the same cpus?
Thank you.