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Can i use ADC in mcf5282 for voltage comparator

Discussion created by pritam munot on Jun 20, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2007 by Alexandre Kremer
Hi Guys
I am bit new to micro controller based designs.  in my current project i am using a mcf5282 processor. it has a inbuilt adc in it, with 8 analog input and a ref high(VRH) and low voltage (VRL) port. on my board i have 3.3 and 5v supply and i need to implement a window comparator for these supplies.
As the adc has only one ref high and low vlt port. How do i implement this window comparator using this ADC.
as there is only one ref low and high vlts port can i simply connect the upper and lower thresholds for the window comparator and 3.3v as 3 inputs and make the software compre the conversion internal. Can do something like this. if so then wht should be connected to VRL and VRH
Pls let me know
Thanks in advance