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Expected: ; error on const decliration

Discussion created by Daniel Rogers on Jun 20, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2007 by Sten Siren
I are trying to declear a const array of pins on the processor for the purpose setting and clearing them from a pointer in a loop.
I get this error
Error   : C2450: Expected:  ;
Output Control.c line 7  
Error   : Compile failed
here is how I have done it.
const Output_Address[MAX_OUTPUTS] = { PTT_PTT7,   // Output A1
                                PTT_PTT6,   // Output A2
                                PTT_PTT5,   // Output A3
                                PTT_PTT4,   // Output A4
                                PORTB_BIT3, // Output A5
                                PORTB_BIT2, // Output A6
                                PORTB_BIT1, // Output A7
                                PTJ_PTJ0,   // Output A8
                                PTT_PTT3,   // Output B1
                                PTT_PTT2,   // Output B2
                                PTT_PTT1,   // Output B3
                                PTT_PTT0,   // Output B4
                                PORTB_BIT0, // Output B5
                                PTJ_PTJ1,   // Output B6
                                PORTK_BIT4, // Output B7
                                PORTK_BIT5};// Output B8
What are I doing wrong.