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TBDML w/ JB16 and CW 5.1

Question asked by SRuggles on Jun 19, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2007 by Brian Witzen
I am having difficulty odifying the code for the TBDML w/JB16 (HC908JB16).  It appears that the original code was created using CW3.1 and I am using CW5.1.  If I simply recompile the code a key feature no longer works. 
A key feature of the TBDML design is the ability to place the device in ICP mode and reprogram the part through the USB connection with out using Vtst.  If I recompile the code using CW5.1, the recompiled code programs in to the device, and the BDM appears to function normally.  However, the part will not enter ICP mode to allow reprogramming over the USB connection. 
Tech note TN241 says HC08 CW3.1 projects will compile and run on CW5.1 "without any problems".  I am at a loss to explain the difficulty I am having.
Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.