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Discussion created by Gerald JEAN-BART on Aug 20, 2012
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I would like to use the CSI interface of the iMX31 to receive generic data from an FPGA.


I've looked in linux/drivers/media/video/capture and saw there was a v4l2 driver, and a file mx27_csi to initialize the CSI interface.

I'm not sure if this code is compatible with the iMX31 (have compared the CSI registers from the reference manuals between the iMX27 and iMX31, and seems there are differences). Does it means I have to code a program to initialize the CSI interface  ? (like in mx27_csi.c)


Does Freescale provide a ready-to-use solution somewhere to capture a frame from the CSI interface and store it in memory ?


Any help to guide me on the right way will be greatly appreciated.


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