How add a new NAND memory test in OBDS

Discussion created by christianvieira1z on Aug 13, 2012

Hello, does anyone have a modified version of OBDS software to diagnose Micron MT29F1G08ABA NAND Flash memory? I'm try to evaluate my custom board with the same memory, but I dont know if I set the correct values into the file: "supported_nand_parts.inl".

After add the lines above in thto the "supported_nand_parts.inl" file, compile and put to run, when I try run the NAND Flash test the following message appear in the terminal:

Read NAND ID for CE0: ID for CE0, is 0x2c, 0xda, 0x90, 0x95, 0x6

** NAND device unrecognized!


/* chrdcv 2012-08-07 */
#if 1
        // Micron MT29F1G08ABA 8-bit 4K page 1GB (8Gb) nand, 218B spare
        /*device_id  */ 0xDA2C,
        /*device_id2 */ 0x9590,
        /*device_id3 */ 0xFF06,
        /*device_id4 */ 0xFFFF,
        /*col_cycle*/ 2,
        /*row_cycle*/ 3,
        /*page_size  */ 512*4,
        /*spare_size */ 64,
        /*pages_per_block */ 64,
        /*block_size */ 64*2*1024,
        /*block_count*/ 1 * 1024,
        /*device_size*/ 0x10000000, // 1GB device
        /*port_size  */ MXC_NAND_8_BIT,
        /*type       */ NAND_SLC,
        /*options    */ NAND_BBT_SCANLSTPAGE,
        /*fis_start_addr*/ 0x100000,       // first 1MB reserved
        /*bi_off     */ 7 * 512 + 300,
        /*bbt_blk_max_nr*/ 4,      // reserve 4 blocks for the bad block tables
        /*vendor_info*/ "Micron MT29F1G08ABA 8-bit 2K page 1GB (8Gb) nand, 64B spare",