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Stimulation File for HC908QY4 using CW 5.1

Discussion created by Miguel Pascale on Jun 18, 2007
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Hello everyone, i´m trying to debug one of my proyects based on HC908QY4 and using CW V5.1 special edition. I already managed to define a visualization tool with one led and one switch asociated to an output pin and one input pin of my project. That worked ok.

Now i want to create a stimulation file to replace the switch input, but i found very litle documentation about it.
In help file it talks about iodemo.abs, but i don´t know where this demo is located ???

So i used the example below, shown in the help and adapt to my project :

/* Define an identifier a, which is located at address 0x210*/

/* This identifier is 1 Byte wide.*/

def a = TargetObject.#210.B;

/* After 200 000 cycles have expired, repeat 50 time */

/* the code sequence specified between the keywords */

/* PERIODICAl and END. */

PERIODICAL 200000, 50:

     50000 a = 128; /* After 50 000 cycles, write 128 at address 0x210. */

    150000 a = 4;   /* After 150 000 cycles, write 4 at address 0x210. */


10000000 a = 0; /* After 10 000 000 cycles, write 0 at address 0x210. */

I changed 0X210 for my PortA data register (0X0) . DDRA was set to input on bit 0. Load this file in stimulation component, run .. but nothing happens. No changes in memory locations for PORTA. I also  atached a led component to the same port , but i see no change.

I also read this doc : \Help\pdf\Debugger_HC08.pdf but it talks nothing about this.

I would apreciate any detailed help on how to create a stimulation file and make it to work with my project May be a link to a working example so i can learn. i found very litle explanation on this powerfull tool. !!


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