Problem recreating the default Linux image for the iMX28EVK with LCD

Discussion created by samsaprunoff on Aug 8, 2012
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Good day All,

Firstly, I am a newb at this so please bear with me...

I have a imx28EVK with LCD that was shipped with CE and I wanted to create the factory Linux bootable SD card.  I followed the docs and was able to install my development environment (Ubuntu) as well as install Ltib, etc.  I ran Ltib and it ran fine and created the appropriate boot streams which I coped to my SD card the via mk_imx28_sd script.  When I boot my EVK from the SD card I get serial data which appears valid and I see the Linux Penguin on the LCD (so far so good).  Once the serial stream stops at the Freescale Login prompt (what is the password anyway?), I just see the Linux Penguin on the LCD... no linux GUI, as was shown on the Freescale YouTube videos.  Given that I appear to have created a bootable SD, etc I seem to have mis-configured  Ltib?  Can someone direct me as to what I did wrong and/or what I missed?

Thanks in advance!