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CSI->MEM use case on i.MX6q

Discussion created by Dipen Patel on Aug 7, 2012
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Hi All,

To set background I am capturing SXGA@15fps in RAW Bayer format from sensor and dump to memory without any processing.

As per i.MX6q RM for CSI->MEM use case IDMAC_CH_5 should be used, whereas in ipu_csi_enc.c if I follow the trace I see that IDMAC_CH_0 is being used. This follows use case of CSI->SMFC->MEM. Why is the difference in implementation and RM? And also what would be the preprocessing done on RAW data for CSI->SMFC->MEM use case?

Another clarification required is that as per IPU register dump I can see that double buffering is used by above mentioned driver. But CPMEM dump shows eba0 and eba1 addresses are same. So how i.MX6q does double buffering?

Appreciate your response.

-Dipen Patel