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i.MX35 IIM fuse access limited to 32 rows

Discussion created by Peter de Young on Aug 7, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2012 by Peter de Young

I am running 2.6.31 Linux on a i.MX35 board and I'm trying developing some software to access the IIM fuses. I have been able to program, sense and read the lower 32 fuse rows in each bank, but when I try to sense fuse in rows 32 - 256 of the banks, I get SDAT data that is set to the same value as the last valid value read from the rows 1 - 32. I have also tried to read the memory directly and for the first 32 fuses I retrieve data identical to that read by sensing, but when I try and access higher locations I get a bus error.

It would appear that any fuses that have a row address that has any of the three top address bits set do  not work, that is those defined in the bottom three bits of the UA register.

I have tried the sample code given with the IIM documentation and the results are the same.

Has anybody else had similar issues and have a possible solution or work around?