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Nand flash not getting detected in iMX6X processor

Question asked by Sowmya Revathy on Aug 6, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2012 by Sowmya Revathy

Dear all,


  I am porting Nand flash driver in iMX6X WinCE 7.0 platform. I am using micron's MT29F4G16ABBDAHC nand. nand is not detecting in wince 7.0. once the wince OS is launched i am getting "No NAND type matched" print in the hyper terminal.

i added the following entries for supporting the "MT29F4G16ABBDAHC" nand in the NANDTYPES.h file:

        {NAND, 4096, 2048 * 64, 64, 2048},  //spare area bytes are not considered       
        {0x2C, 0xBC, 0x90, 0x55},                   //BYTE        NANDCode[NANDID_LENGTH]
        3,                                          //BYTE        NumBlockCycles
        5,                                          //BYTE        ChipAddrCycleNum
        16,                                          //BYTE        DataWidth
        1,                                          //BYTE        BBMarkNum
        {0},                                        //BYTE        BBMarkPage
        6,                                          //BYTE        StatusBusyBit
        0,                                          //BYTE        StatusErrorBit
        64,                                         //WORD        SpareDataLength
        0x70,                                       //BYTE        CmdReadStatus
        0x00,                                       //BYTE        CmdRead1
        0x30,                                       //BYTE        CmdRead2
        0x90,                                       //BYTE        CmdReadId
        0xff,                                       //BYTE        CmdReset
        0x80,                                       //BYTE        CmdWrite1
        0x10,                                       //BYTE        CmdWrite2
        0x60,                                       //BYTE        CmdErase1
        0xD0,                                       //BYTE        CmdErase2
        {25, 16, 25, 20}                             //NANDTiming  timings

     The driver is returning the nand id as 0.  I configured the GPMICLK to 198MHz, AHB clock to 132MHz.


 Please help me to solve this issue.