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Newbie question about which OS to use with my NEW QSB board.

Discussion created by Rodney Fulk on Aug 6, 2012
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After playing around with my QSB over a couple weeks I am curious which OS is the best to run on it.

Choices I have and what I have come in contact with so far:

WinCE7 - VERY limited, barely even runs the board. There is no Shut down function. Hard for me to believe you can have an OS this reduced from the mainstream it was built from.  Old and out dated and I can't see me developing anything for this. WinRT may be an option but I have not seen it yet to see how limited it is.


For development purposes I am under the Assumption I need VS2008 and some additional packages with this to work with WinCE. Can I use basic software written in C# on this board? I understand it has a limited version of .NET but may not work with all functions of .net 3.5. I have some software designed to run on .net on as many OS's as possible and It will run on everything BUT CE from what I can tell at this point unless the .net is pretty comparable between the currently available 3.5 and the Compact version in WinCE7.



Linux - comes with the board and I have run the 32 and 64 bit versions of the desktop included. Feels VERY much the same. When it loads the imxcommunity page it is a little slow but I am assuming that is because of the lack of a flash plugin.   Very impressed with the speed of the video demos as well. With this I assume pretty much anything should work on this that will work on the PC versions of Linux but will need to be compiled for the ARM processor. Looks like the best reasonable solution at this point of the available operating systems I have been able to use.



Android - I downloaded the 2.3.4 (Gingerbread) version that was available off adeno's web site. Looking through the readme it looks kind of like you have to compile the code to put it on an SDcard. Surprised there is not an .img file available for this. I have not compiled and tried this yet but if the performance I see with Linux is any indication I am very much interested in Android running on this. I have seen mention of people trying to load 4.0.4 on this board as well. Has anyone had any success running this?  The new JellyBean android that just came out would be an even better one to put on here if possible.


Thanks, I appreciate any feedback on this that I can get.


I plan to use an Application called OpenMobile and building a system around this with this board for my vehicles using lots of external devices. It currently only runs under Windows (xp/vista/7) but using mono it should run under linux with minor changes and should also run under Android so I am trying to find out my best OS to use for this. Performance and Compatibility are the biggest issues for me here. At this point it looks like Linux or maybe Android.

Thanks for any suggestions!