Russell Zuck

Recommended NAND driver for i.MX51 (Linux OS)

Discussion created by Russell Zuck on Aug 2, 2012

I am encountering file system corruption issues (UBIFS and JFFS2) and am attempting to determine the root cause.  In both cases the file systems are trashed during stress testing of our system software upgrade process.  In both cases, the file system is mounted with the -o sync option in an attempt to mitigate any write buffering issues associated with either file system.


System Info:

current driver: Kernel Config -> Device Drivers -> MTD Support -> MXC NAND Version 3 support

NAND Chip: Micron MT29F4G08 (slc)

BSP: 11.01 (I think.  I inherited this environment in a "transitional" state)


I noticed that there is an option for selecting an "i.MX NAND Flash Controller driver" in the kernel config but can't seem to locate any information on it.  Can anyone provide recommendations for using one over the other?  Thanks in advance.