Have you facing problem with EDID?

Discussion created by ajithpv on Aug 1, 2012

Hi all,

        When I was working with HDMI receiver chip driver development, I faced problem with the E-EDID (Enhanced Extended display identification data), many times. Some times the EDID data which respect to the resolution may not proper, otherwise not work at all.

So I would like to give a helpful link below, which can help you to create your customized EDID setting!


With this software, you can View/Modify/create the EDID which suitable for you. It also gives the sample EDID setting for the standard resolutions too.


Please note that, the above link is just an example. There may be a better tool which existing too.

If you know a better tool or other helpful link, please post it as reply to this discussion.

Thanks in advance,

Ajith P V