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[MX53] CSC runs much slower than the value shown in datasheet

Discussion created by Fancy Wu on Jul 30, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2012 by Fancy Wu

Dear all. I have a problem with the Image Converter.

In my situation, I use VPU to decode a H.264 stream into YUV bitmap,

convert its color space to RGB32 without change the size, and make some draw necessary before

switch the frame buffer offset to display the final image.

Although it seems to be a common task in video playback scene, and the datasheet

says it can make output 75M pixels per second, I've found that IC just can't deal with 

any conversion more than 35M/s (eg 1440x900@30FPS). There is no additional

memory copy between decoding and conversion phase, I've no idea why it runs so slowly,

can someone please give me any useful information ?


Best regards