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USB performance poor on WCE 7

Discussion created by Stefan Lederer on Jul 27, 2012



we tested the USB Host of the i.MX53 on the QSB and we got very poor results. But for we need transfer rates via USB of about 100 Mbps on a Windows Compact Embedded 7 running on a i.MX53. The USB 2.0 in High Speed Mode should offer 480 Mbps, so this should be achievable. In the i.MX53 layout every USB port gets a clock of 480 Mhz, so the hardware also supports it.

We tested the effective read performance by connecting a fast USB Stick to our Quick Start Board from Freescale as well as to our development board from another vendor. The transfer rates on both boards are around 12 Mbps, which is very low. The connected USB Sticks achieve much more on desktop PCs. Our hardware partner confirmed this low performance of the i.MX53 USB on WCE 7 altough it is working in High Speed Mode, but they got much higher transferrates when they use Linux on the i.MX53.


So is there a problem with the Freescale USB Driver for WCE 7?

Do you have an bugfix for this?

Did you do performance tests with the USB Driver for WCE 7?


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