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[iMX53 QSB/iMX6Q Saberlite] Linaro Android 11.08 GB[2.3.5]; Enquiry regarding hardware graphics acceleration for iMX53/iMX6

Question asked by Shrikant Bobade on Jul 31, 2012


I am using Linaro Android 11.08, Android Ginger-Bread 2.3.5, Able to compile and run on iMX53 QSB, It is running well,

While playing videos, it seems the video with genuine quality seems running slow and looks choppy.

Please do inform regarding i) How to get info. for this release h/w graphics acceleration details. ii) if any ways to enable the h/w acceleration on this release. iii) please do point out any board specific elements need to add in under "<release -src=""># device/linaro/iMX53/"

Meantime I started using iMX6 target using the same setup of this version i.e. imx6 with linaro android 11.08 [yes it is compiled for product iMX53,]. Observed same way the video play back was of some what similar quality as it was on iMX53. Genuine quality video play seems slow and choppy,

Requesting valuable comments, pointers and references.. It will be a great help.

Recently there are release with ICS with recent updates but I eager to play smooth video on Gingerbread first.

Thank you very much. !