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Loading image to NAND in imx28

Discussion created by shany cohen on Jul 26, 2012
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I'm trying to load an image to NAND  in imx28.

In the function -

OEMVerifyMemory(DWORD dwStartAddr, DWORD dwLength)


The addresses parameters are: dwStartAddr = 0x87F00000,

dwPhysVerifyStart = 0x47F00000, length = 0xF971140.

These addresses will result in loading image to SD in the following values -

KITLOutputDebugString("INFO: Downloading NK SD/MMC image.\r\n");

g_ImageType = IMAGE_TYPE_NK;

g_ImageMemory = IMAGE_MEMORY_SD;

My question is this - if I want to change the load to NAND instead of SD, the addresses have to be changed. I don't understand entirely why there values are the way they are and where exactly they are set (the dwStartAddr).  

If I insert the following code at the top of this function - OEMVerifyMemory(DWORD dwStartAddr, DWORD dwLength):

DWORD* pdwStartAddr = &dwStartAddr;


dwPhysVerifyEnd = dwPhysVerifyStart + dwLength - 1;

pdwStartAddr = OALPAtoCA(dwPhysVerifyStart);

dwStartAddr = *pdwStartAddr;


Now I see that the flash is indeed programmed, however, when reset - nothing happens, the system isn't re-boot as if there is nothing in the NAND.


Am I doing this procedure correctly?