Dana Numkena

i.MX53 SABRE Tablet - No download_mode in u-boot for SABRE tablet

Discussion created by Dana Numkena on Jul 25, 2012

I am unable to issue "download_mode" in u-boot on the i.MX53 SABRE tablet.   When I enter the command, I get the following error from u-boot:


Unknown command 'download_mode' - try 'help'


download_mode does not show up in help.  According to documentation, I suppose to be able to go to download mode by entering "download_mode" in u-boot.


I am trying go to download mode by software without having having to set the DIP switches.  I would like to go to download mode so I can use the MfgTool.


Is there a workaround?  Is there a way to go to download mode in u-boot?