Linux Kernel Patch for FL-K SPI Flash

Discussion created by ChristophG.Baumann on Jul 25, 2012
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Hello Group,


currently I'm working with the i.MX28 EVK and want to get SPI NOR-Flash (S25FL064K) working under Linux.

I soldered the chip and the resistors R320-R322 onto the board as described on the group start page.

As Linux Kernel I use the distributed by Freescale. To get the Spansion chip working I first tried to add "{ "s25fl064k",  INFO(0xef4017,      0,  64 * 1024, 128, SECT_4K) }," to the device list of the m25p80 driver. But this didn't show any success. So I tried the patch from Spansion (for 2.6.31) kernels ( This patch gives me lots of errors at compile time regarding undeclared functions (kzmalloc) and incompatible types for spin_(un)lock.

Are there any suggestions how to proceed?