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D-Bug 12 Hardware breakpoints for 9S12XDP512 Target

Discussion created by Paul De Marni on Jun 14, 2007
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I have recently changed over from 9S12DP256B to 9S12XDP512 CPU (Adapt9S12XDP512) and have not had success getting hardware breakpoints to work at all when debugging. I am using a BDM pod (microBDM12XG) to target the 9S12XDP512, the pod has D-Bug 12 on it. I use D-Bug 12 to set the breakpoint, the problem is target never stops on the breakpoint, it appears to set up okay. The code is in fixed flash space.
My question is does 9S12XDP512 support hardware breakpoints?, if it does, is there more setup required or a newer version of D-Bug12 that supports this?  I had a similiar problem when I started using 9S12C32 cpu, hardware breakpoint did not work, at that time an updated version of D-Bug12 was released which allowed breakpoints to work on that device. See text below;

D-Bug12 4.5.0a10

Copyright 1996 - 2004 Motorola Semiconductor

For Commands type "Help"


Device: S12XDP512, MC9S12XDP512

EEPROM: $0000 - $0FFF

Flash: $8000 - $BFFF Pages: 32 PPAGE at: $0030

RAM: $1000 - $3FFF

I/O Regs: $0000 - $07FF

Target Speed: 16000 KHz


Using Hardware Breakpoints

S>br C007

Breakpoints: C007

S>g C000


Target Processor Has Been Stopped


Breakpoints: C007