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Run Command line Programs on the QSB from a PC?

Discussion created by Rodney Fulk on Jul 24, 2012
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I am sorry if this is a simple question. I ordered a QSB 2 days ago and I should have it in a day or so and I am new to this type of hardware. 


What I want to do is connect to this board with my laptop and from my laptop run programs on the QSB preferably from a command line and receive the results from the command without using the LAN port. Some of the programs running on the QSB will be using the LAN port so I can not use that port to connect to the laptop.

Something as simple as getting a directory listing from the QSB remotely using the laptop would be a good start. 


Eventually the intent is to use my laptop to control from 4-10 QSB. Each QSB will have its own program to run and may not return the results immediately. When I get my QSB this is one of the items I want to try getting to work. I can not go into details about this at this time due to the nature of what I will be doing. I am a Digital Media Software Engineering Student and I am looking to build a special setup for a project I am working on for school.  


Thank you!