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Can I connect to the BCM in a 2003 Chevrolet Truck?

Discussion created by Rodney Fulk on Jul 24, 2012
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I am a newbie to I.MX and not really much of a hardware person so I am hoping to get some information or somewhere to look for the information.


I want to be able to poll the Body Control Module in my truck to pull information about my truck. I have been told there are Alarm modules available that interface into this and pull out information and can do things like unlock the doors and roll up windows by interacting with the BCM. From my initial research a 2003 Truck from GM is not using the standard CAN bus but has a high speed and low speed bus.


Has anyone here interfaced into a vehicle data bus like this and can help direct me?


I have read that this information is available at the ODBII connector and that the ODBII protocal is pretty universal but I am hoping someone can help provide some insite into the hardware behind interfacing into this directly and if it is as simple as an ODBII interface?

I have been told that in a modern Chevrolet vehicle such as my 2003 truck the BCM controls things such as the power windows, locks, chime, Dash board, some radio functions, seat positions and I am sure I am missing some things. I am trying to build an interface into this so I can actually do some of this myself.


Thank you!