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What is the best way to communicate with Parallax Propeller?

Discussion created by Rodney Fulk on Jul 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2012 by KrishnaPavan

I am a newbie and waiting for my First QSB which should be here in a couple days.

I know little about hardware so I am sorry if my question is simple.

My plan is to use the I.MX53 QSB to communicate with a series of Parallax Propeller processors but i am curious what the best way to do this is? I will be using a network of Propellers as sensor interfaces to collect information and possibly control relays and also communicate with specialized devices such as GPS or ODBII. I will also have multiple cameras that will be interfaced to Propellers as well. These Propeller connected cameras will mostly just capture the feed and then upload that data to the QSB.


SO what I am wondering here is what type of connection should I be looking at to communicate with these Propellers? If you are unfamiliar then a similar setup would be an Arduino.


The vast majority of information should be simple text data such as the data from a GPS or other low bandwidth data but there is also the potential of fast data dumps such as the video. The data will be collected on the much slower Propeller systems and I will likely hook up a SATA hard drive to the QSB to store the video but most other data will be used in real time.  Theoretically these cameras may also provide a live feed to the QSB if I can figure out how to make it all work.


Thanks for any help!