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Data Serially-In Ethernet-Out on an NE64 board

Question asked by Frangiskos Hadjigeorgiou on Jun 12, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2007 by Mark Butcher

I am using a Freescale EVB9S12NE64 board to take readings serially over RS232 from a device, and transmit (UDP) this data to a PC over NE64's Ethernet to a computer. It sounds simple, but I'm a bit stuck as I'm not familiar with embedded devices. Is there a simple quick method to achive this?
I tried modifying the Connector_application which came with the board, but I came to a dead end, as I couldn't find any easy way/driver to implement the data reception from the serial port (SCI). I'm using Codewarrior IDE 5.7, the special edition one. So i'm a bit restricted on code-size and files number.

Thank you