Dana Numkena

how do you mount an SD card on SD card socket 1 and how do you mount USB stick on i.MX28EVK

Discussion created by Dana Numkena on Jul 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2012 by Bill Randle

Is there a way to mount an SD card on SD card socket 1?  Also, is there a way to mount an USB stick on the USB port?  I haven't been able to mount either one in Linux.


When I insert the an SD card in card socket 1, I don't see an mmcblk device in the /dev directory for the SD card.  The same thing goes for the USB stick.  I don't see an sda device for the USB stick. 


So far,  I can mount mmcblk0p1 from SD card socket 0.


Do I need to configure something in LTIB?


- Dana