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iMX51 boot failures

Discussion created by Stefano Mora on Jul 16, 2012
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Hi @all,
iMX51 board booting WinCE600R3, BSP based on Freescale one.
We enabled the registry hive and ROM+RAM FS.

If i save the registry into a folder in RAM [SDMemory MountAsBootable=0 MountAsRoot=0, ObjectStore MountAsBootable=1 MountAsRoot=1] (even if it is hive registry), i have no problem.

If i change the settings to save the registry into SdMemory [SDMemory MountAsBootable=1 MountAsRoot=0, and ObjectStore MountAsBootable=0 MountAsRoot=1] my image sometimes run, sometimes stop with the message:
FILESYS: Waiting for bootable file system to be mounted.

The percentage of failure is almost 50%.
If I lower the frequency into the bootloader to 7.5MHz, the percentage is low but there are too many times with the problem.

Please, have you any advise/application note/doc to solve this problem??