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iMX28 with WINCE6 Nand boot - power supply volages error

Question asked by shany cohen on Jul 12, 2012
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I'm working on an application based on  iMX283.

I have the  evk as a reference board +  my own design. I'm trying to load eboot image using the sb_loader program.

The evk works fine, but I have a problem with my application.

The processor is connected to both    5V + battery.

The measured voltages are - VDDIO = 3.3V, VDDA =  1.8V, VDDD = 1.2V.

I've done a little research and found that the process fails in the BootFromBattery() function - where the DCDC is supposed to be enabled - this is the line (In the xldr.c)   -


//Enable DCDC


When trying to load eboot to my application – the process fails and the processor SHUTS DOWN when coming to Enable DCDC.

Running it with the DCDC Disabled – comes out OK.


Does anyone have an idea or suggestions for additional tests?  

Thanks in advance,