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Question asked by Sebastian Irazabal on Jun 11, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2007 by CrasyCat
Hello everybody!!

I was using the old CW version 3.1 (special Ed) and everything was just fine untill I reach the code limitation of 32kB... So I get into freescale website and I found a code limitation upgrade to 64kB... But it says it was for CW v4.1
I install it and then I get another error:

Error : C5300: Limitation: code size 1389 > 1024 bytes

That's driving crazy because now can't do anything!!!

So I do that: I unistall the Code Limitation Upgrade and it keep saying that..
Then I unistall CW v3.1 and download the Special Edition of v4.6... I install it and get the license key from freescale and it keep getting the same error message!!

Finally I checked the license file and there was a line where it says: that C code was limitted to 32kB and C++ to 1kB... I'm not programming with C++ (in the .map file, the Lang is ANSI-C)... I don't understand why I get that error message now and why I didn't get it before...


Thanks in advance