aaryak gautam

Using usb gadgetfs on i.mx23

Discussion created by aaryak gautam on Jul 13, 2012

Hi all.

I want to use Gadget Zero for sinking and  sourcing bulk data.
While compiling the kernel i choose USB Gadget Support >> USB Gadget Drivers >> Gadget Zero,to be built-in.
the kernel compiled succesfully.
but I am still unable to use Gadget Zero.
I tried connecting my i.mx23 board to my pc ,with i.mx23 board as host and my pc as device.
Nothing happened!!!!!!!!
I dmesg'd both my board and pc,and they show nothing!!!!

Can any one tell what i am doing wrong???????
Or how should i proceed if i want my i.mx23 board to be a usb host and my PC as a usb  device???

Any help appreciated.