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Tips for cross-compiling MySQL-client or php 5.1+ on quick-start-board?

Discussion created by Taylor Deith on Jul 11, 2012

Hello Everyone,


In the hopes of making an in-field device's data quickly accessible, I'm looking at hosting simple webpages with SQL-server, and the database being written by background applications. This board is running the recommended configuration of ltib. I'm testing this functionality on my iMX53 quick-start-board, but each method I've tried for getting the application and web-server to communicate has hit a brick wall. MySQL-client allows my application to talk to the widely supported MySQL database server, but the package as shipped is faulty (so far as I've ever been able to tell). SQLite3 works fine as shipped, but requires PHP 5.1+ (or PECL) to communicate with the webserver; neither of which are shipped. I've got Python successfully replacing PHP as a database reader, but it requires installation of webserver packages. 'make' enthusiastically segfaults on my board, taking away the easiest options. 

So: Has anyone cross-compiled MySQL-client or PHP 5.1+ successfully for the arm-fsl-linux architecture, as appears to be present on my iMX53 QBS? Are there any nice resources to walk a person through it? 


My apologies if you're reading this for a second time, as I've posted a similar question before. I also apologize for being about as newby as it likely gets around here.


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