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CSI0 Setup for Greyscale camera

Discussion created by Jim Malone on Jul 11, 2012
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Hi All,


I am starting a project that will take input from a greyscale camera (8 bits to test on a i.MX53 QSBR and later 14 bits on a custom board using a i.MX6Solo).  It is not clear to me how to set the CSI0 port up to accept greyscale data.


Table 45-2 of the i.MX53 Reference Manual Rev 2. 12/2011 states that modes for greyscale are supported for both 8 bit and 16 bit.


Looking at the CSI0_SENS_DATA_FORMAT field in the IPU_CSI0_SENS_CONF register (Section 45.51.111), it is not intuitively obvious what to select for a greyscale format:

000 full RGB or YUV444

001 YUV422

010 YUV422

011 Bayer or Generic Data

100 RGB565

101 RGB555

110 RGB444

111 JPEG


Digging even further, the data sheet has a table (Table 58 in section shows how to connect the CSI0 pins for the respective color formats.  A pure greyscale mode is not present (even though greyscale could be placed in a YUV format without the UV).  The generic data mode is also not clear.


Has anyone attempted to use the greyscale mode for camera input on CSI0?


(I have a thread going with my local FAEs but I wanted to open this discussion up).