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Help with importing a GCC project into CodeWarrior!

Discussion created by Josh Comley on Jun 10, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2007 by Lubomir Antonov
Hi all,
I have a GCC project which I'm having serious difficulty getting into CodeWarrior. The project structure is as follows:
Top directory:
Where xxx is the project name. Each of these directories contains the following directories:
Src (containing the .c and .h files amongst others)
Also, each top level directory contains a makefile and a .prc file, and scattered between them, the top level directories contain:
- some .a files
- some .o files
- some .s files
- some header files, usually relating to what is listed under LIBS in the makefile
In my google adventures today I've read about the Codewarrior Makefile Importer Wizard, but alas this is not an option in my version of CodeWarrior (which I bought only a few weeks ago).
I assume I have to create some kind of set of linked projects in CodeWarrior, for each of the seven projects listed above. But I'm struggling to figure out the exact intricacies of such a task!
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! If you need any information that I haven't provided, I will provide; just ask!
Many thanks,
Josh Comley