Nand Boot Issue - IMX233

Discussion created by Asha1z on Jul 6, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2013 by Keshava G N
Hi All, We are using nand boot mode for our custom imx233 board. Nand Flash used in our board is Micron's MT29F1G08ABADAWP (pagesize is 2k+64B and maximum 4bit ECC) The problem we are facing is after flashing eboot.msb to nand, the board boots only once. For next poweron ROM error NCB not found is displayed.Hence we tried to read all the sectors of NAND and found that some unknown 8 byte data (ffff ffff fffe ffff) is inserted in the beginning of all sectors. (As per our analysis the above mentioned data is the Metadata written to Spare area of NAND) we are stuck with this issue and not able to boot our board from NAND. Please advise us. We are using IMX233 Evaluation Kit BSP (iMX233-EVK-PDK1_8). code changes: 1. Included our nand configuration in NandTypes.h 2. DMA - 4 address cycles ( 2 column and 2 rows) 3. ECC Setting: FlashLayout0 : NBLOCKS = 4 Metadata size = 8 bytes ECC0 = 0 FLASHLayout1 : page size = 2112 ECCN = 0 DATAN_SIZE = 512