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Touch Screen not working and PMIC Event Thread not running

Discussion created by Rick Bosma on Jul 10, 2012
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I have a iMX53 QSB (-R) running Linux (2.6.35).  We have developed our own GUI application and it runs fine on the QSB.

We have also developed our own hardware and are trying to get the application to run on it. The problem is that the touch screen is not working when we run the application on our hardware.

Both boards use the MC34708 PMIC

I have confirmed that the I2C 0 seems to be working by running I2Cdetect.  The PMIC shows up at address 0x08 as expected on both board. (our own and the QSB).  However, when we touch the screen on our hardware, no activity to read the screen is observed on the I2C.   On the QSB, lots of activity occurs when the screen is touched.

I compared the active processes and noticed that a process named "pmic-even-thre" is running on the QSB but not on our hardware.  However, we are using the SAME micoSD card and swapping between the QSB and our own hardware to run these tests.


When I run i2cdump, or i2c get on our hardware, I get get the register data from the PMIC.  However, when I try to run it on the QSB, it says "Device or resource busy".  From reading the forums, this would occur if another driver is accessing the device while you're trying to run i2cdump.


My question is:  What would prevent the pmic-event-thre process from starting up on our hardware?  Is there some way to attempt to manually run it?  Is it necessary to set some environment variables in order to get this process to run?