Pearce Barry

Trouble getting QtMultimediaKit gstreamer support working for Qt 4.8.1

Discussion created by Pearce Barry on Jul 9, 2012

Hello all,


We've been working with the i.MX53 QSB and have Qt 4.8.1 built and working on this platform. But we've been having trouble getting gstreamer working with Qt. My understanding is that, with the 4.8 release, Qt is pushing for folks to use the QtMultimediaKit (found in the QtMobility project) for doing multimedia via gstreamer. While we've been able to get QtMobility (v1.2.0) to build (focused on just building the QtMultimediaKit module by specifying '-modules multimedia' on the configure cmdline), it appears that Qt isn't reporting any audio devices (input or output) available (FWIW, I'm using the audiodevices example program to show what Qt has "found" for devices). It's not clear to me that QtMultimediaKit has created the correct plugins for use with gstreamer, but I do see the following shared libs are created when I 'make' QtMobility:




FWIW, we do know gstreamer is working fine and we do not have ALSA support installed.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions/ideas/pointers!!!