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Anyone using IEEE-1588 on QSB?

Discussion created by Ed Sutter on Jul 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2012 by Ed Sutter

Probably a more basic question would be.. does the iMX535 on the QSB actually have hardware support for IEEE-1588?  I'm just getting started with the iMX53 family, and it appears that most of the documentation for the various processors (iMX534-537) is the same iMX53-generic user documentation (IMX53RM & IMX53UG).  So, while my main question is regarding HW support for IEEE-1588 on the QSB, the more general question is how do we users distinguish between the different feature sets of the different iMX53 processor family?

The front-end freescale page has a nice interactive graph that implies that only the '537 has HW support for IEEE-1588.  Unfortunately, the 537's main page points to the same UM/RM as the other three devices in the family, and that documentation claims support for HW-IEEE-1588.  So, I'm not sure what to believe.  Is there some UM/RM-ish document that outlines what features are in each of the SOCs?