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IMX53 booting from NAND Flash

Discussion created by johan malfait on Jul 2, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2013 by doug Martens

Hi all,

I developed a custum board with the IMX53 cpu, the board can boot from µSD card or from NAND Flash.

The board has DDR3 ram (4*MT41J256M16) and NAND flash (2*29F16G08).

All the boards (10 pieces) are booting from µSD card but some boards doesn't want to boot from NAND Flash.

All the boards who doesn't want to boot from NAND, if we boot them from µSD card and under UBOOT or Linux we can do everthing with the NAND fash chips without any problem (testing - reading - writing).

If we try to boot from NAND and it doesn't work, the IXM537 comes in the Serial Downloader, there we can read at address 0x53DF0004 (SRC_SBMR register) and see that the Boot Config bits are all OK.


I tried also to give a manual POR_B reset signal to the IMX when the power is stable but that doesn't help.

Has anyone an idee where to look for ?

Has anyone more information about the internal Bootloader program from the IMX53 ?


All help is welcome