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please tell me why this strange error in codewarrior  using with MC9S12XDP512 ( troubling me a lot)

Discussion created by Sunil Kumar on Jun 8, 2007
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hai sir,
           please tell me why i am getting this error in codewarrior while using with MC9S12XDP512 it is troubling me a lot.I am sending screen short attached to this mail.pleae tell me why this is getting and it not getting started and main.c is not opening it is continuously executing some variable and saying undefined expression and some command file is continuously executing and its not allowing to satrt main and even it is not terminating until i use windows task manager to shut down it whtas the problem.even if i decalre that variable outside and initialise it to 0 also its giving the same rx_data_length
unsigend short its continuously executing  and not allowing to start could you please calrify me this from truobling me repeatedly and not allowing me to work please see the screen shot u can clearly understand the problem the variable is in DATA2 section and in command also see it any settings of IDE is causing it or whats the problem please tell me i am sending it in zip folder please see it its strange problem i am facing
thanks in advance