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imx 537 - booting from NAND.

Discussion created by Noel Vellemans on Jul 1, 2012
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Hi all,

We have some designed a board with an imx537-cpu.

We are trying to boot these boards from NAND (MT29F16G08ABACA).

BUT, at this time only a couple of boards are CORRECTLY booting from NAND (2 are booting, 8 are not booting).

When booting from an SD-card, I can WRITE en READ from NAND on all of the BOARDS without errors.

When verifying a dumped image of one of the boards that is not booting correctly from NAND, (meaning dump of the Uboot and FCB table) all seems to be fine.

The NAND is not containing bad block’s into the first 100 MB’s ..

The FCB table and uboot image is written to NAND without errors (this is done with a kernel that has been booting from SD-card)

When a board is not booting form NAND, we end-up into the serial boot loader.

I've been double checking all things I can think of... (boot cfg - jumpers).... timing (with scope) .. We even have read-back the configuration registers (by usage of the serial boat-loader)

Anyone out there that can give me a hint on what to check next?

Is there a way of reading out ‘something’, that tells us why we end up into the serial boat-loader?


Regards Noel