Rob Thompson

Can Linaro Android v4.0.4 (release 12.05) be easily configured to use QSB 4.3 inch LCD/touchscreen?

Discussion created by Rob Thompson on Jun 28, 2012

Hi all,


I would like to use the current Linaro Android image for the Freescale QSB with the 4.3 inch (i.mx28) LCD/touchscreen offered for the QSB.  Using the prebuilt image, the QSB drives the VGA interface by default.  Our Android programmers want to use several of the features found in Android v4.0.4 (ICS) that are not available in the Adeneo Android v2.3 (Gingerbread) image.


Is there a set of u-boot assignments (i.e., video=LCD, etc.) that would configure the QSB to use the LCD and touchscreen and, if so, what are the details?


Any information or references would be helpful.