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how modified mx53_loco.c for to have "Dual PWM"

Discussion created by Giuseppe Ventura on Jun 30, 2012
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Hi all i'm using a pwm output for control backlight of my screen. I need to have 2 PWM and i saw  that mx53 has two pwm output.


In mx53_loco.c i have:




static struct platform_pwm_backlight_data mxc_pwm_backlight_data = {
.pwm_id = 1,
.max_brightness = 255,
.dft_brightness = 128,
.pwm_period_ns = 50000,


mxc_register_device(&mxc_pwm2_device, NULL);
mxc_register_device(&mxc_pwm1_backlight_device, &mxc_pwm_backlight_data);


and i have a pwm output and it work correctly..


how can I to have another pwm output?