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IOMux.exe & iMX53RM.pdf conflict

Discussion created by Minh Phuong on Jun 27, 2012
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Hi all,


There are some points of difference between the IOMux (v2.0.27) tool and the iMX53RM.pdf (Rev. 2.1, 6/2012). In the iMX53RM, the Table 7-25 said that:


Table 7-25. SPI IOMUX Pin Configuration


Signal  ECSPI-1

MISO   EIM_D17.alt4

MOSI   EIM_D18.alt4

RDY     N/A1

SCLK   EIM_D16.alt4

SS0     EIM_EB2.alt4

SS1     EIM_D19.alt4

SS2     EIM_D25.alt3

SS3     EIM_D26.alt3


The genarated result from IOMux is:


ECSPI1_MISO   U5    EIM_D17 (ALT4)
ECSPI1_MOSI   V1    EIM_D18 (ALT4)
ECSPI1_RDY    B4    GPIO_19 (ALT5)
ECSPI1_SS0    Y3    EIM_EB2 (ALT4)
ECSPI1_SS1    V2    EIM_D19 (ALT4)
ECSPI1_SS2    Y2    EIM_D24 (ALT3)
ECSPI1_SS3    W3   EIM_D25 (ALT3)


SS2 and SS3 are difference, I want to know which document is correct (urgent).


Thank you very much.


Best Regards.