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TFTP and NFS are very slow

Discussion created by Artem Kamshilin on Jun 26, 2012
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Hi all,

I followed instructions on booting my IMX28EVK board over TFTP/NFS from my Ubuntu 10.04 32 bit host... and it works ~50% of the time. TFTP boot takes 1-2 seconds to initialize, and mounting root FS over NFS fails about 30% of the time. Simply resetting the board would work sometimes. I tried connecting the board directly to my development host - same thing, so network should not be the issue.

When it fails, it says:

Root-NFS: Unable to get nfsd port number from server, using default

I made sure nfs-kernel-server and portmap are running OK. The puzzling part is that works sometimes, and then fails at other times. Any ideas?