Bruno De Paoli

Slow VGA display performance on iMX53 QSB EC7 platform

Discussion created by Bruno De Paoli on Jun 27, 2012
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I am running Windows Embedded Compact 7 on an iMX53 Quick Start Board platform. The BSP is based on the SABRE ARD board ported to the QSB.

I am using an external VGA display (DI1 set as primary panel) and the display performance is slow. For example, entering 'dir' at the command prompt takes about 3 seconds to output a list of 25 files. I've checked the various clocks ( CPU, DRAM, etc ) and they are set at the max values and I believe I've selected all of the appropriate catalog items.

This seems very slow and I assume this is not normal behaviour. Can anyone suggest possible causes of this problem or specific areas that could be investigated?