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MC34708, Silicon Errata

Discussion created by Tomotaka Inamura on Jun 25, 2012
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We design our custom board based on MCIMX53-START-R.

DDR_Vref is generated in MC34708, But MC34708 have Silicon Errata. 

The contents of Silicon Errata as follows.(MC34708ER Rev. 5.0, 4/2012)

"Description:VREFDDR output should be 2% accurate over temp. At 85°C, the output accuracy of 

VREFDDR can go as high as 6.5%."

"Workaround:Use an external resistor divider to generate VREFDDR"


Would Freescale make a MCIMX53-START-R before this was informed of it?

Should I use an external resistor divider? Or May I use a MC34708 ?