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Missing documentation for i.MX53's i2c tests within the /unit_tests/ suite

Discussion created by Jeremy Whitaker on Jun 26, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2012 by AdCmo

Hello, I'm new to the iMX community, and this is my first time posting a problem that has come up in my testing, so please bear with me. Recently I've been trying to run a few tests on the imx53 board, which is connected to my computer through a serial connection (an NFS setup). I've been trying to run the i2c unit tests in the /unit_tests folder, but so far all of the tests have failed. In the package list selection in ltib setup, I've enabled the "imx-test" package as well as the "i2c-tools" package, and to my understanding I should be able to go into the /unit_tests directory, after logging into the imx53 board, and enter commands like "./mxc_i2c_test.out" or "./mxc_i2c_test_usb.out" and then get an output that looks something like:

Test: I2C!
Slave address=2d
Write Data=20 to reg=6
Write Data=4 to reg=4
Write Data=4 to reg=13
Write Data=2 to reg=12
Data read=2c from reg=6
Data read=4 from reg=4
Data read=2 from reg=13

As of right now, though, when I go into the /unit_tests directory and type in "./mxc_i2c_test_usb.out" I get:

Test: I2C!
Open failed

I should also point out that I have a usb webcam plugged into the board, which is registered as /dev/video0 and that some i2c commands are actually working. I’m able to type in commands like “i2cdetect 0” or “i2cdump 0 0x1c” and get the expected response.

Also, according to the mx27_linux.pdf, entitled "Linux BSP for theFreescale i.MX27ADS", there is a kernel test module binary titled "mxc_i2c_test.ko" which I may need to install. I don't know whether or not this is already taken care of, though, since I already have the test files in the /unit_tests directory.

Basically, I'm pretty unsure of how to go about running the i2c tests on the imx53 board or if I even have the correct setup needed in order to run the tests. If anyone knows of any walk-throughs on how to run the mxc_i2c* tests or can give me a few step-by-step instructions, I'd greatly appreciate it.