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iMX53 Copper Solder Pad & Soldermask size.

Discussion created by Tomotaka Inamura on Jun 22, 2012
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We design our custom board based on MCIMX53-START-R.

I want to make the symbol of TEPBGA529 with Altium. But recommended PAD size is not found.

TEPBGA529 has 12mil PAD & 16mil Soldermask on MCIMX53-START-R. But I think that it is low reliability.

When I design BGA of 0.8mm, I always use the 14mil PAD and 18mil Soldermask.

I think that 16mil(0.4mm) pad is highest reliability, because solder balls of TEPBGA529 is 11.8mil(0.3mm) ~ 19.7mil(0.5mm).

how do you think?